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‘There in the Name of Jesus Christ’

After Hurricane Ian hit Florida in September, LCMS Disaster Response and its volunteers and partners were quick to provide helping hands and the Gospel to those in need.

Shining a Light in the Darkness

Lutherans in Uruguay are sharing God’s Word with others.

‘How Are They to Hear?’

St. Martin Lutheran School in Dearborn, Mich., shares the Gospel through deaf ministry.

Encouraging the Church’s Young People

For 42 years, the LCMS Youth Gathering has strengthened teenagers in the faith while also raising up young adults for service to the church and world.

From Chef to Shepherd

A new national pastor is ordained and installed to serve God’s children through the Lutheran mission in Peru.

‘At All Times and in All Places’

Representatives from 34 of the LCMS’ partner churches gather for two days of discussion and fellowship in Kenya.

Q&A with the Rev. Jonathan Manor, Director of PALS

The Rev. Jonathan Manor talks about PALS (Post-Seminary Applied Learning and Support) at the LCMS.

Generations of Service

The seeds of one missionary family’s work continue to sprout in Papua New Guinea.

On the Move Together

Our unity in the faith comes from Jesus Christ alone.

Constant Suffering and Confident Hope

In Christ, we stand as one, joined together in our shared suffering and hope.

Q&A with Chaplain Gregory Todd

Todd is chief of chaplains for the U.S. Navy, where he supervises 1,100 Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard chaplains.

Walking Side by Side in Christ

At a recent convention, the LCMS and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil celebrated their shared history and solidified plans for future collaboration.

Hope for the Future

A collaboration between the LCMS and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya supports the education and Christian formation of young people in need, from primary school to college.

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