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Mexico Missionary Meets Parish Pastor

For the Rev. Andrew Schlund, life on the mission field isn’t much different from life in the parish.

A Moment Decades in the Making

In a remote village in northern Togo, a pastor is able to share God’s Word — the result of decades of mission work in the country.

‘I Am an Echo’: Reflecting Christ in the Community

Members of Immanuel Lutheran Church, St. Charles, Mo., continue to carry out ideas from the 2016 LCMS Youth Gathering through service to others.

Restoring Buildings and Lives in North Carolina

LCMS congregations are coming together to help the owner of a day-care center that was flooded by Hurricane Matthew.

The Wittenberg Project Ends … and Begins

With the completion of the funding campaign, ministry begins in Wittenberg, Germany.

Carrying the Banner that All Life Is Sacred

Though the March for Life has come and gone, the conversation sparked by “Eyes of Life” continues.

The Proper Perspective

The Church perseveres in what the Lord has given her to do: engage the world.

Q&A with Katie Fiene

Fiene is the director of Swaddling Clothes, a program that provides baby items to families who need them.

El Camino de los Luteranos

Ministry is always on the move for two LCMS missionaries in Spain

Shining the ‘Pure Light’ of the Gospel in Belize

The Rev. Duane Meissner has been sent as the Synod’s first missionary to Belize

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