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Past Magazine Issues

Spring/Summer 2021

The church is on the move — crossing borders and moving forward with Christ.

Winter 2021

The light of Christ — shone by God’s people on college campuses, after disasters and wherever they are — burns brightly in this dark world.

Fall 2020

Things may be a bit different these days due to COVID-19, but the work of the church continues.

Summer 2020

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Gospel goes forth and Christ’s mercy changes lives.

Spring 2020

Lutherans proclaim the Gospel and serve their neighbors on all seven continents.

Winter 2020

The Gospel goes forth in unexpected ways to reach people in unexpected places.

Fall 2019

From Florida to Tanzania, God is at work through His church.

Summer 2019

Visit congregations across the United States — from California to Kansas to Georgia — in the summer issue.

Spring — 2019

God brings His people together in Christ — in Papua New Guinea, in Lutheran schools, in “Sin City” and in our nation’s capital.

Winter – 2019

Christ’s mercy is at the heart of the Winter 2019 issue of Lutherans Engage the World

Fall – 2018

This issue is full of incredible stories of the Gospel going forth behind bars, across barriers and over borders in places few of us have ever considered. See how the Gospel equips and enables God’s people to love and connect with others quite different from themselves.

Summer – 2018

These are stories of God working through His Church — through YOU — to bring real hope to the inner city, after a disaster, in remote villages and through a man who remembers a child on a war-ravaged island 73 years ago.

Spring 2018

In the Spring 2018 issue of Lutherans Engage the World, see how God is opening doors in unique ways and in diverse locations.

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