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Lutherans Engage – Fall 2023

The Fall 2023 issue shows how Lutherans are “[doing] good to everyone” (Gal. 6:10) — including residents of retirement communities, children in Kenya and homeowners in need of a little extra help.

Lutherans Engage – Summer 2023

Lutherans use their time, talent and treasure to care for people in new and unexpected ways.

Lutherans Engage – Spring 2023

The Word of God is at work — from India to Alabama and everywhere in between.

Lutherans Engage – Winter 2023

From Uruguay to Peru to Florida’s hurricane-ravaged coast, Lutherans find comfort and strength to reach out to their neighbors with Christ’s mercy.

Lutherans Engage – Fall 2022

Read about how pastors and other church workers are prepared for service at home and abroad in the Fall 2022 issue.

Lutherans Engage – Spring 2022

This issue highlights a few of the places where the Word of God is at work, including in Kenya, in California and Wisconsin, and in Germany.

Lutherans Engage – Fall 2021

The church continues around the world,in places as diverse as Alaska, Louisiana and Finland.

Lutherans Engage – Spring/Summer 2021

The church is on the move — crossing borders and moving forward with Christ.

Lutherans Engage – Winter 2021

The light of Christ — shone by God’s people on college campuses, after disasters and wherever they are — burns brightly in this dark world.

Lutherans Engage – Fall 2020

Things may be a bit different these days due to COVID-19, but the work of the church continues.

Lutherans Engage – Summer 2020

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Gospel goes forth and Christ’s mercy changes lives.

Lutherans Engage – Spring 2020

Lutherans proclaim the Gospel and serve their neighbors on all seven continents.

Lutherans Engage – Winter 2020

The Gospel goes forth in unexpected ways to reach people in unexpected places.

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