Construction of a New Project 24 Site in Kenya

The LCMS provided funding for the eighth Project 24 site for vulnerable children in Kenya.

The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kenya have collaborated for many years on Project 24 and Christ’s Care for Children: Kenya (CCCK). CCCK is the sponsorship program for children living at the Project 24 sites. These boarding facilities ensure that vulnerable children are able to attend school as well as receive shelter, food and instruction in the Christian faith. Some of the children are orphans, but others come from families that would not otherwise have the resources to provide for them in this way.

In January 2022, construction was completed on the eighth Project 24 facility, this one in Lurambi, Kakamega, Kenya. A $200,000 grant from the LCMS provided essential funding. The site was dedicated in February 2022 and is now home to 29 children. In April 2023, the site hosted the Catechetical Club competition, an event where all the Project 24 primary students — 224 total — come together for two days to showcase their Bible and catechism knowledge. It is also an opportunity for the children to have some fun and enjoy fellowship with one another.

To date, the Lurambi site has served a total of 40 children — 29 students who currently live on-site and 11 who now attend secondary boarding schools. The 29 students who live at the site attend a nearby primary school during the school year. When the school is on holiday, the children return home to their families. Two trained deaconesses and a chaplain ensure that the children receive faithful teaching and spiritual care.

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