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Lutherans Engage – Winter 2023

From Uruguay to Peru to Florida’s hurricane-ravaged coast, Lutherans find comfort and strength to reach out to their neighbors with Christ’s mercy.

Lutherans Engage – Fall 2022

Read about how pastors and other church workers are prepared for service at home and abroad in the Fall 2022 issue.

Fostering a Lutheran Identity in Latin America

Church leaders from throughout the region gather in the Dominican Republic to celebrate the graduation of 15 church workers and to learn about a new Spanish-language hymnal.

Lutherans Engage – Spring 2022

This issue highlights a few of the places where the Word of God is at work, including in Kenya, in California and Wisconsin, and in Germany.

Waiting for the End

The Word of God gives joyful freedom as the faithful wait for ‘the end of all things.’

Lutherans Engage – Spring/Summer 2021

The church is on the move — crossing borders and moving forward with Christ.

Lutherans Engage – Winter 2021

The light of Christ — shone by God’s people on college campuses, after disasters and wherever they are — burns brightly in this dark world.

Lutherans Engage – Fall 2020

Things may be a bit different these days due to COVID-19, but the work of the church continues.

Lutherans Engage – Summer 2020

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Gospel goes forth and Christ’s mercy changes lives.

Lutherans Engage – Spring 2020

Lutherans proclaim the Gospel and serve their neighbors on all seven continents.

Lutherans Engage – Winter 2020

The Gospel goes forth in unexpected ways to reach people in unexpected places.

‘At the Works of Your Hands I Sing for Joy’

We lift our voices in song in response to the merciful Word and work of God in Christ Jesus.

Lutherans Engage – Fall 2019

From Florida to Tanzania, God is at work through His church.

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