Director’s Letter

Eyewitnesses of Jesus’ Majesty

Baptized into Christ’s death and resurrection, you are a continuing eyewitness to His active presence in the church’s ministry of Word and Sacrament.

Encouragement and Unity in Christ

God graciously gives us both His Word and fellowship with other Christians.

‘Who Do You Say That I Am?’

With Peter, the church confesses that God Himself came into the world clothed in human flesh to save believers and give them forgiveness and salvation.

Closure in the Cross of Christ

In the atoning work of Jesus Christ, death has been conquered and the new creation has come.

Come and See

As the call to repentance extends to all, so also does the promise of the Gospel and God’s work of mercy.

On the Move Together

Our unity in the faith comes from Jesus Christ alone.

Constant Suffering and Confident Hope

In Christ, we stand as one, joined together in our shared suffering and hope.

Stewards of the Mysteries of God

Following the example of St. Paul, the church should preach the only person worth preaching: Jesus Christ.

Drawn to the Tree

Just as He did for Zacchaeus, Jesus finds and grasps us lost sinners in His divine grace.

Waiting for the End

The Word of God gives joyful freedom as the faithful wait for ‘the end of all things.’

Secure in Christ’s Victory

No matter what we face in this earthly life, Christ is in charge.

Living in Faith in a Broken World

Our trials are enormous in these extraordinary days, but Jesus has overcome the world.

Clinging to God’s Certain Promises

We waver, we flinch, we doubt, we’re frightened. Is God’s promise — His hope — lost in the middle of pandemic and pandemonium? Never.

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