Director’s Letter

Waiting for the End

The Word of God gives joyful freedom as the faithful wait for ‘the end of all things.’

Secure in Christ’s Victory

No matter what we face in this earthly life, Christ is in charge.

Living in Faith in a Broken World

Our trials are enormous in these extraordinary days, but Jesus has overcome the world.

Clinging to God’s Certain Promises

We waver, we flinch, we doubt, we’re frightened. Is God’s promise — His hope — lost in the middle of pandemic and pandemonium? Never.

Life Together in the Crucified Christ

God does not unleash divine vengeance upon you for your sin; rather, He gives you unconditional forgiveness and sure salvation

‘At the Works of Your Hands I Sing for Joy’

We lift our voices in song in response to the merciful Word and work of God in Christ Jesus.

Alive Under the Lord’s Grace

With salvation assured, members of the Body of Christ take the Gospel message to the ends of the earth.

His Yoke Is Easy and His Burden Is Light

The Law grinds us into the dust, but Jesus gathers us around His font, pulpit and altar.

Our Faith-Borne Certainty of Hope

Wherever the Church may be found, there is peace in and through Jesus Christ, who has been raised from the dead.

Bearing the Light of Christ in a Chaotic World

Bearing the Light of Christ in a Chaotic World

Proclaiming Liberty to Souls in Prison

“I was in prison and you came to me” (Matt. 25:36b).

United in the Gospel

Director’s Letter United in the Gospel By Kevin D. Robson | Summer 2018 Here’s…

Bearers of His Name

Jesus Christ has rescued us from sin and death, and now we share the truth with others.

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