Disaster Response

Rebuilding After the Iowa Derecho

Lutherans organized a collaborative response to care for those impacted by a massive wind storm in Iowa in 2020.

Serving After the Selma Tornado

LCMS Disaster Response and its partners shared Christ’s love through prayer and service in tornado-torn Selma, Ala., in 2023.

Providing Chainsaw Training

LCMS Disaster Response equips LERT volunteers with chainsaw skills so they can better serve after a disaster.

Recovery after Hurricane Ian

After Hurricane Ian hit in 2022, LCMS Disaster Response organized a full-scale recovery effort in conjunction with the affected districts and the LERT volunteer network.

Church Renovation in Panama

Redeemer Lutheran Church in Balboa, Panama, which was once devastated by a series of catastrophic events, welcomed worshipers back to its beautifully restored sanctuary in 2024.

‘God’s Hands and Feet’

Lutherans care for the Maui community following a devastating fire.

Service Over Spring Break

College students serve those impacted by Hurricane Ian while learning new skills.

Bearing the Love of Christ After Disaster

Lutheran volunteers and organizations share Christ’s love through prayer and service in tornado-torn Selma, Ala.

‘There in the Name of Jesus Christ’

After Hurricane Ian hit Florida in September, LCMS Disaster Response and its volunteers and partners were quick to provide helping hands and the Gospel to those in need.

Help and Hope After Disaster

Members of the Synod’s Lutheran Early Response Team program help with recovery efforts after a tornado touches down near Mayfield, Ky.

Pandemics Don’t Stop Disasters — or the Church’s Response

Natural disasters were not slowed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and neither was the work of LCMS World Relief and Human Care Disaster Response.

Mercy After Disaster

For 15 years, Lutheran Early Response Teams have brought care for body and soul to those devastated by natural disasters.

The One Thing Still Standing

After a devastating windstorm in eastern Iowa, Lutherans hold onto the thing that cannot be moved.

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